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It functions by enhancing the genital blood circulation and making the vaginal region a lot more delicate to stimulation.

Call your physician if you experience chest discomfort, lightheadedness, abrupt extreme reduction of vision, fainting, ringing in ears, priapism, itching or burning during peeing, breakout, lack of breath, masked vision, loss of hearing, or lightheadedness, as those are serious side results possible in some rare situations.

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Sildenafil is made use of for impotence - a sex-related ailment connected to inadequate blood flow to the tissues of the penis.

It is not known for certain whether sildenafil can pass into breast milk and impact the health of a nursing infant.

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Never give your dosage of Female Viagra to various other ladies.

Viagra Soft helps around 5-6 hours and requires to be taken every time before intercourse, as it's not anticipated to treat the disorder.